Saturday, 26 March 2016

#buynaijagrownaija Nigerian made device which enables small Generator Power Iron& Fridge

    I heard someone say its good news. Yes! This is good news especially to Nigerians. A Nigerian Company now manufactures a device which enables small generators to power Iron and Fridge

 It is Called GENERATOR POWER BOOSTER #ProudlymadeinNigeria
Now you can IRON your CLOTHES or Power your DEEP FREEZER with SMALL GENERATORS.
In the spirit of growing the value of Naira, a Nigerian company has begun the manufacturing of a device that boost generator energy supply to power Pressing Iron, Fridge and Freezers.
Since the epileptic electric power supply has pushed many Nigerians to resort to generating their own power via the use of generators. But unfortunately, small generators of capacities between 500 WATT ( I beta pass my neighbor) to 2.5kva cannot sufficiently  power Pressing Irons, Fridge and freezers. Statistics have shown that 80% of generators in use in Nigeria fall within the above category.


The good news is with our innovative generator booster, You don't need NEPA/PHCN before you need to press your clothes or power your fridge or freezers.
  • How it works
Plug the booster to any socket in your house powered by your small generator. Then, plug your Pressing Iron or Fridge directly to the booster. The device boosts the energy supplied by your small generator to power your Pressing Iron or Fridge.  

The use of the device does not affect the generator coil or fuel consumption.



Enables you iron clothes with SMALL GENERATORS

Boost the output power from your small generators, 500 WATTS ( I pass my neighbor)  and above

It is highly efficient and harmless to your generator



Enables you power your fridge with SMALL GENERATORS

Boost the output power from your small generators, from 500 WATTS ( I pass my neighbor)  and above

It is highly efficient and harmless to your generator

Uses generator power rating: 500 watts powers table top fridge, 1kva powers mini fridge, 2.5kva powers big fridge/ Freezer

The market potential for this device is enormous! Every home in Nigeria needs this product. It is a moneymaking opportunity you can’t afford to miss. Join us to promote made in Nigeria product to grow our economy.
Intending Distributor should forward Application to  to get Distributor requirement details.

 TO BECOME A DISTRIBUTOR CALL/ WHATSAPP:  08036911296, 08033264815, 08180065490

PERSONAL USE: CALL/WHATSAPP:08180065490, 09090018704
Let us patronize and support local products to grow our economy, provide more jobs and strengthen the naira.




Bethelmndels Int’l Ltd

27, Atunike olabnaji street, off John Olugbo Street, Through unity Road, Ikeja Lagos,


10 Okoa Street, (flat 4) off NTA Road, Rumuowuta, PH.



Tuesday, 22 March 2016

RE: BlackBerry Comes Up With Face10

    Remember this post Here and Here following the announcement on the discontinuation of Whatsapp service on blackberry phone last week, recently facebook also announced that it app will be discontinued on blackberry device which will be replaced with a web version by March. This has cause lot of distress to all blackberry users; in which some of it users has already port to android phone. The Change has not really occurred on some devices like for Whatsapp which will be discontinued at by the end of 2016.
  As earlier promised, there is hope now, you can now use a third-party Facebook app called   face10, This app is another look-like original Facebook app alternative which you can't underestimate, face10 is made by group of tech and developers called Nemory Studios.

 Download Face10 on blackberry appworld, but if you know of any alternative Facebook app apart from this, kindly use the comment box below.

But if you are a BB10 user you might still be able to use Facebook for android on your phone, all you need to do is get the Facebook for android app, side-load the Facebook app and install it, just bear in mind that this method might work for you or it might not work, but if doesn't work just download the face10 app in link below.

Nigeria First Gospel Movie Channel :Mount Zion Television On Consat Tv

 Gospel Drama Actor, Producer and Director, Mike Bamiloye has announced the official launch of Nigeria’s first Christian Movie Channel known as Mount Zion TV(MZTV).
MZTV is expected to officially take off on Workers Day, May 1st on fast-growing satellite TV platform CONSAT run by Continental Broadcasting Service, owners of Television Continental [TVC] and Radio Continental.

        The announcement was made at the just concluded Drama Ministers Power Night, held at Jogor Centre on March 11. It was the climax of a 70 Days Prayers and Fasting for the ministry which sent the auditorium into excitement and thanksgiving.
According to Mike Bamiloye who together with his wife Gloria are regarded as one of the pioneers of Christian movies in Nigeria, the dream for MZTV has been long in coming.He announced, “The Mount Zion Television will launch on May 1st. It is Africa’s First 24hour Christian movie Channel on CONSAT. The Lord is providing us a Drama ministry, a great platform to showcase the works of God in our hands"


Laolu Sebanjo With Nike "African Sneaker"

        For Nigerian Artist Laolu Sebanjo , Art was has been a priority for him. Despite having a Law Degree from the University of Ilorin,which he only uses to back up his work i.e copyrights and Intellectual properties are protected,Laolu was athe type of child who sees faces in a random patterns on the terrazo tiles in the courtyard bathroom. One thing that fascinates him is the Ankara and Kampala pattern.
In December 2009, Laolu had his first exhibition at the Elephant House Ikeja, Lagos. Despite not selling a single art work that day, He didn't give up as his dream came true when the American Sportswear Company selected him as The Master of Air which will see him create Air-Inspired Air Max at the Air Max Con 2016.

Laolu whose style draws a lot from he African themes and tradition hence the name 'Afromysterics' which he coined in 2006-2007 .
  From March 24-March 26,Laolu's work will highlight his African Roots as the world celebrates World's Nike popular Air max brand.  More Photos below:
Isn't this beautiful? I love this and would prefer this to heels any day. I just want one African sneakers. Save the date. Lets support him.

Monday, 21 March 2016

How True is this on the Products You Buy?

Remember my post about the persuasive market Here, So I saw this Photo and decided to share. What do you think? How true is this? lol

Business Quote of the Day: People need People

It's a Brand New Day and Week . Stay Positive

" People are definitely a Company's GREATEST ASSET. It doesn't make any difference whether the products is Cars or Cosmetics. A Company is only as GOOD as the PEOPLE it keeps"  Mary Kay Ash

Niger Biscuits Apapa reportedly on Fire


Niger Biscuit,  makers of Oxford biscuits and other confectionery in Apapa,  Lagos was seriously on fire yesterday.The fire was said to have been  caused by gas  explosion.  As at the time of filing this report,  men of the Lagos state fire service and the Nigerian Ports Authority  are doing everything possible to put out the fire.
 Two members of staff of the Company who were severely burnt have been rushed to the hospital. Photo below...

Image Credit:Thisday


Saturday, 19 March 2016

Spectranet New Data Plans

    Spectranet,One of Nigeria's Internet service provider which offers an amazing Internet service has revealed its new tariffs which has taken effect from March 15,2016. The new increase in the data plan includes  that the Lagos Knight plans don't exist anymore.Also, the 7k plan for 20GB which works 24 hours a day also has been scrapped. This means that cheapest plan is 5k for 5GB and a plan similar to the Lagos Knight goes for N7500, gives you 20GB but runs from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. with no mention of 24 hours on weekends and public holidays. Check the image below...

Dangote group plans to buy Phosphate from Morocco

Dangote Group, the company owned by Africa's richest man Aliko Dangote, said on the 7th of March ,2016 revealed its plans to buy phosphate from Morocco and potash from Congo-Brazzaville to feed a planned fertilizer plant.
     Dangote who has raised a $3.3 billion loan to develop a $9 billion oil refinery and petrochemical complex in Nigeria, Africa's biggest economy and top oil producer. The group has also invested $3.5 billion of its own equity.
Dangote told a business forum in Lagos his firm was close to signing a deal with a Moroccan firm to supply phosphate, without giving details.

   Furthermore,He said his planned oil refinery would have a capacity of 650,000 barrels per day (bpd), up from an initial plan of 400,000 bpd.
"We can actually build ... 30 percent cheaper than previously," Dangote said, referring to lower construction cost as a result of cheap global steel prices.
The refinery and petrochemical complex will go online around 2018, company officials have said.
       He said Dangote Group was also constructing a gas pipeline beneath the sea to link Nigeria's oil-producing Delta region to West Africa.
The pipeline will be able to transport 1.5 billion standard cubic feet of gas per day, he said, without giving more details. 
Dangote Group, which is active in cement, oil, food and sugar business, is also expanding into farming.
     Dangote said his firm planned to produce one million tonnes of rice within five years. Nigeria imports annually 2.8 million tonnes of rice, the majority of which is smuggled into the country, he said.
"Our projects are mainly import substitution." he said. "We are working to be self-sufficient." (Reporting by Ulf Laessing and Chijioke Ohuocha; 

Sneak Peek On iPhone 7

iPhone 7 is arguably going to be the biggest tech launch of 2016. With its two biggest changes,the new phone will bring as well its disappointment... Unbox Theraphy and acclaimed Apple leaker Sonny Dickson reveals that the iPhone 7 has three key changes this include:
  1.  Headphone Jack Off
The iPhone 7 case has no gap for a headphone jack and indicates it will be replaced with a second speaker. In fact a pair of 3.5mm headphones won't even fit any more - the gaps are too narrow. Image credit: Unbox Therapy
Image Credit: Unbox Theraphy
     Apple developer rule changes and this include Apple ditching the Head Phone Jack on the iPhone within the next two years. The phone Case which not only lacks a dedicated head Phone Jack Port, but also no slot on the case can even fit the Apple headphone plug. Furthermore, the case backs up growing talk that it will be replaced by all in one (Music and Charging) Lightning Cable and dual Speaker arrangement.

     2.   Major Camera Upgrade
The iPhone 7 looks set to have a much larger camera signalling a major upgrade. Image credit: Unbox Therapy
image Credit: Unbox Theraphy
        Again,Unbox's case ties in perfectly with a flurry of leaks that says Apple is working on a greatly upgraded camera for the iPhone7. The case shows the camera slot has been enlarged dramatically for either a significantly larger module or even a dual lens camera. what is less clear is which model will get this camera. This case is for the 4-7inch iPhone 7 but there is a growing momentum behind an iPhone 7 Pro being introduced alongside the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 The pro will be based on the plus with the sole difference being an exciting dual lens camera.

3.    Almost Identical Design
         We all know the drill, the iPhone range gets internal changes in an ‘S year’ and a redesign in a ‘new number year’. But it looks like Apple is going to break form here as Unbox’s video shows the iPhone 6S fits almost exactly into the leaked iPhone 7 case.In terms of dimensions, the fit is so precise it suggests we shouldn’t expect the overhaul many had hoped for – particularly in terms of more compact top and bottom bezels. 
An iPhone 6S inside the leaked iPhone 7 case - it fits almost perfectly. Image credit: Unbox Therapy
Image Credit: Unbox Theraphy