Thursday, 3 March 2016

Whatsapp to be phased out on Blackberry and Nokia Operating Systems by 2017

   Popular messaging service WhatsApp celebrated its seventh anniversary with its one billion active users including me, but the team exercised a measure of calculated patience till on Friday night to drop the not too pleasant news. The famous app will be discontinued on Blackberry and Nokia devices operating systems by 2017. Will it also be affecting the Blackberry 10 device? well, yes! though the new Android powered Blackberry Priv slider phone might probably survive the hammer because it was built with Android OS.
According to the announcement, "we want to focus our efforts on mobile platforms the vast majority of people use...". The following mobile devices won't survive the heat:
  1. Blackberry, including Blackberry 10
  2. Nokia S40
  3. Nokia Symbian S60
  4. Android 2.1 and 2.2
  5. Windows 7.1
The discontinuation will affect many users of the devices above especially in developing countries like Nigeria because it has become the easiest means of messaging even to the simple and has helped in grouped messaging.  However,WhatsApp suggests "upgrading to a newer Android,iphone, orWindows Phone" if you want to keep on using this service- if not, you'll need to find another messaging service by the end of the year before the service gets discontinued.

    What do you think?getting a new device or a new messaging app comes up? fingers crossed
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