Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Mile 12 traders moves to Lagos/Ibadan expressway but...

 Due to the temporary shut down of the Mile 12 market caused by the two warring ethnic groups in the community Hausa/Yoruba on the 3rd of March,2016 and the rumored news about its relocation, the traders themselves have moved their trade to Kara/OPIC area along the Lagos/Ibadan expressway in Ogun State thereby causing traffic gridlock for motorist.

 Well, I hope they learn their lessons I can relate with this move because they can no longer wait for the government due to its skepticism about re-opening their former location and most of their goods are perishable goods such as Tomatoes, fruits etc. Mile 12 was like a mini depot you need to experience it.Government authorities should be alert in this area to avoid a repeat and make sure certain things are put in place. Some things should be avoided eg the collection of unnecessary fare by the community should be stopped, they should try to avoid monopoly or kingship placement whoever must be their head must be ready to obey laws and order by the community.  Everyone has a right too and it should be respected. No tribe is inferior to the other..


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