Friday, 4 March 2016

Lagos Sate Government Shuts down Mile 12 Market;My Church MInd.

 Due to the deadly clash between the two rivalry ethnic group (Yoruba/Hausa) in the market which occurred recently and has led to the loss of lives and properties in the popular Mile 12 market, the Lagos State Government Akinwunmi Ambode has orderd its immediate closure and a curfew imposed on four streets in the area as a result of the clash which occurred on Thursday.  In his word, "I have ordered temporary restriction of movements in four streets-Maidan,Oniyanrin,Agiliti1 and Agiliti2 Streets",He said.
             It was gathered that the cause of the fight was when a commercial motorcyclist known as Okada rider believed to be from the Hausa tribe allegedly injured a Yoruba boy in an accident at Agiliti area of Mile 12. This was said to have aggravated the communal clash between the two ethnic groups who has been at each other's neck over the control of the market for a very long time. Among properties destroyed, is a school within the vicinity which was set ablaze,while vehicles were vandalised in the fight.

 Here's my opinion which is based on my own opinion. You can as well submit yours. I have a mind of my own.  When I got the news I didn't want to publish it because of the gory images but then the truth be told One ethnic group is not superior over the other. Just because some people migrated in search of greener pasture doesn't mean they should be treated anyhow. You need to experience the angle of my opinion about how the Hausas are being treated and there's hardly any job you won't find these tribe doing from(shoe -maker, selling fruits,tomatoes which is way cheaper, carrier of any load, etc) just to make a daily living but then .This issue would have be averted if not that one group was believing to have a home advantage. Understanding is key and the earlier we make these people understand that every life counts and you are responsible for your actions the better. It is easier to destroy than to build. Now where do will those school children school?Let me stop here I actually wrote a 2-page article. But this morning, I don vex finish. R.I.P to the dead. Please the government should look into the safety of this tribe and others.Also,the wages collected should be reviewed

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