Saturday, 5 March 2016

Power of Advertising-The Hidden Persuaders1


Are you a victim of the hidden persuader? We are influenced far more than we realize by professional persuaders, the men and women of advertising. Advertisers have something to sell and they use a number of ways to persuade us to buy their products. They spend millions of naira every year studying Human behavior so that they can control our choice effectively.

    Certain feeling and fears are common to nearly all of us and advertisers take advantage of these emotions. For Instance, most of us need security and want to be popular with others . We also want to be healthy,attractive and successful. By playing on feelings like these, advertisers makes us believe that we need and want certain products because they will improve our lives. Do they? For example,toothpaste makers doubled their sales in a few years by making people feel uncomfortable about their teeth and breath. Unless you had fresh breath and white teeth you would be a social misfit. really?

           Another interesting example of emotional manipulation can be seen in advertising beauty products. An advertising executive once said that women will pay a hundred naira for skin cream but no more than ten naira for a cake of soap.
    Why? To be Continued...

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