Monday, 7 March 2016

Prioritizing Each Day

Hello! if you get to read this post there are two things involved:
  1. You are alive.
  2. You have access to the internet.
Waking up can be a daunting task especially on Mondays when you have to drag yourself out of the bed this is simply because , You've had two days to yourself maybe . Taking each day as it comes is good but you should have a list of your goals to achieve each day. Humans naturally have multiple things to do especially adults and might get angry if they  do not  meet their  goal.
 You do not need to get angry any longer or carrying forward a task you should have completed . Imagine the Joy you feel when you complete a task at a particular given time and even earlier , You give yourself a medal and this also gives you time to take other ones. I read a book by Fela -Durotoye about giving yourself a treat when you accomplish something. he put it this way ,You save money while in school through out a term or semester then set a goal about what you want to achieve then when you do achieve your goal, then should you have access to the money if otherwise keep the money, continue saving for a bigger achievement (paraphrasing) probably you might finally get yourself a car.
      Here's 3 steps to start working smart: I read this and felt i should share with you.
  1. Organizing Tomorrow Today (OTT): This is done by writing down the "3Most Important" tasks to be completed the next day. Of these three tasks, select MUST that is the single most important task of the day. Make sure each task is realistically able to be completed in a single day. This means that the tasks components of larger projects if they are too large to be completed in a single day.
  2. For Each of the three tasks, set a time that each must be completed. (Very guilty of this). Write this time down next to each items on your list. Plan to complete these items as early as possible to create momentum for the rest of your day. I recommend completing the MUST first , if possible.
  3. Repeat OTT at the same time each day. Set aside 3-5 minutes each day, and set this time in your calendar or alarm on your phone. Have a pen and paper ready. Physically writing down has been shown to be more effective than simply remembering a list or entering it into a computer or smartphone.        
                   CULLED FROM : By: Jason Selk

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